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As we believe that the private health care sector plays a significant role in supporting healthcare field in KSA, we have established Al-Inma Medical Services Co. Ltd. to provide a comprehensive medical services for the society through planning, establishing, operating and managing medical care projects according to highest international standards in terms of designs, latest medical supplies, hospitality, hotel amenities & supplies, and qualified Medical & administrative staff. We are working hard to provide the best medical services according to international quality & safety standards. Which have a positive and effective role in the service of society and enhance the level of medical services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Message

Excellence & Leadership in providing, developing the healthcare services. according to the highest global standards & specifications. and to make affiliate hospitals The first choice for the community to receive health care, as well as the first choice of distinctive competencies and expertise.

Our Vision

AlInma Medical Services Co. & affiliated Hospitals seeking the Progress and excellence as best healthcare company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Values

Extreme Care.

Quality & Safety.

Trust & Credibility.

Our Services

Al-Inma Medical Services Co. Ltd., are characterized by diversity and breadth in providing a wide range of basic services and support services necessary to establish and health projects, under the umbrella of the Central Administration of Al-Inma & under the management of a group of experts and consultants in their respective areas of specialization.

Mr. Mohammed Bin Nasser Al-JarAllah
Chairman of Al-Inma Medical Services Co. Ltd. Chairman of Bin Jarallah group.

Chairman’s Word

After more than ten years in the field of integrated healthcare, we believe that increasing the investment in the medical care sector in KSA and the Middle East has become an urgent necessity, and in order to continue in the lead, we must always strive to development and modernization in the services we provide to the community. To provide all that we must reach the highest levels in the development of health care services with the highest international standards and specifications in quality, And primarily concerned the security and safety of patients, staff and visitors in our hospitals. Your trust motivates us to develop our services , to enhance investments, and find out the proper way to expand new healthcare projects to meet the growing needs of the health sector in KSA. We are always keen your trust through following the latest global technologies in health sector. With God’s help, we believe that our customers’ trust in what we have achieved we are able, God willing, to continue to enhance the concept of integrated health care in the private health sector in KSA and at the highest levels of quality and safety. Regards,

Dr. Fouziyah Mohamed Al-JarAllah
Vice-Chairman's - IMS MD,FAAP,MBA,PH,MBBS

Vice-Chairman’s Word

The message that we carry at Al-Inma Medical Services Co. Ltd. motivates us to choose highly qualified vocational & academic cadres in both medical & administrative fields . Therefore, we can fulfill our desired objectives according to set-up strategic plans and develop medical services in the private sector depending on the latest scientific bases such as implementing international quality and safety systems, and seeking international accreditation for our health institutions. Our achievements would exceed your expectations as we believe in the role of private health sector to educate the society on health issues & diseases that can affect development plans in KSA. We are playing a vital role through lectures, seminars, and field visits to different agencies, institutions & companies to enforce the humanitarian message of the healthcare sectors. Regards,

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