Management & Departments

Management Departments at Hospitals

The idea of a medical staff and service at the highest level in all our hospitals is having administrative Departments working to provide the right climate to ensure continuity of Patients satisfaction and implementing the vision and the strategy set by AlInma Medical Services Co., as all the departments in hospitals working in harmony and cooperation continuously to ensure the continuity of application global standards and Saudi Arabia Standards in the quality of services and safety of the patients through training and continuous evaluation.

High Management

  • Executive Management.
  • Operational Management.
  • Medical Management.
  • Nursing Management.

Admin Departments

  • Quality & Accreditation Department.
  • HIT & IT Administration.
  • HR Administration.
  • Development & Training Administration.
  • Marketing & Advertizing Administration

  • Financial Administration.
  • HIT & IT Administration.
  • Business Development Administration.
  • nsurance & Medical Claims Administration.
  • Purchasing & Warehouse Administration.
  • Biomedical engineering Administration..
  • Architecture Administration.
  • Support Services Administration
  • Medical records Administration.
  • Public relation & Patient Affairs Administration.
  • Legal Affairs & Administrational Management.
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