Our Projects

Existing Projects at Al-Inma Medical Services Co. Ltd.

Hayat National Hospital- Riyadh

(Established in 2003)

Hayat National Hospital- Asir

(Established in 2006)

Hayat National Hospital- Jazan

(Established in 2013)

Hayat National Hospital – AlQassim

( Established in 2018 )


About Hospitals




We’ve given special attention for the buildings designs, the efficiency of medical equipments, hotel & hospitality amenities, and qualified medical & administrative cadres to provide a special work environment that support our vision & compatible with international quality & safety standards. Hospitals site was chosen very carefully to ensure that we are providing & enhancing the network of healthcare for the various provinces and cities in KSA, Where conducting studies done about suggested sites each city based on society’s need for health care services.

Medical Cadres at Hospitals

Hiring highly qualified (Doctors nurses & technicians ) according to international standards & specifications through specialized committees. As the need of healthcare services grow up. the number of our healthcare providers (male/ female)at hospitals reached as follows:

  • We have more than 100 consultants.
  • We have more than 160 specialists.
  • We have more than 50 resident doctors & general practitioners.
  • We have more than 700 nursing cadres.
  • We have more than 400 technical cadres.

On-Going Projects

  • Expansion project of Hayat National Hospital- Riyadh (2020).
  • Establishing Project of Hayat National Hospital – Abhaa with 300 beds(2020)

Projects under Planning

  • Establishing & operating Two hospitals with 480 beds.
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