Our Team

Our Team: The Secret of Our Success

The team working in the corporate office of AlInma medical Services Co. is the source of our success and our evolution. The harmony and interdependence between departments of the company and continued hard work and team spirit is a hallmark of the advancement of the level of performance of the company and its affiliated hospitals. The team features a range of experts and consultants with global expertise in the different disciplines of the health sector

Dr Hussain Hasosah

مساعد المدير العام للشؤون الطبية

Dr. Mohammed Al Qazzaz

Business Center Director

Dr. Mohamed Mansour

Pharmaceutical Services Manager

Engir. Sayed Iftikhar

Corporate Bio-medical Manager

Dr. Jamal Mustafa

Corporate Medical Coordinator

Eng. Sharafat

Corporate Maintenance Manager

Engineer Khalil

Corporate Network.Manager
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