Our Partners

Bin JarAllah Company Group

Bin Jarallah companies group (Contracting – Create – Construction) managed since its inception to impose its presence as leadership on the local and international level in the implementation of a range of giant projects (high ways, bridges and tunnels) in KSA. Moreover the company managed the implementation of great projects in the health sector at the Kingdom, As Follow:

  • 1-Designing, establishing & equipping AlHayat National Hospital- Asir.
  • 2-Designing, establishing & equipping AlHayat National Hospital- Jazan.
  • 3-Designing, establishing & equipping more than 6 Governmental Hospitals for MOH in KSA.
  • 4-Huge projects related to education sector (Universities- Schools).


GIVC is a Saudi company specialized in providing support services to run different health sectors such as:

  • 1-Planning & Designing Sector.
  • 2-Furnishing & Hotel Amenities Sector.
  • 3-Resources & & Supplies Sectors.
  • 4-Health information technology Sector.
  • 5-Communications and Information Technology Sector.
  • 6-Maintenance & Architecture Management Sector.
  • 7-Medical Equipments Supplies & Maintenance Sector.
  • 8-Medical Supplies & Consumables Sector.
  • 9-Pharmaceutical & Medical Warehouse Sector

International Medical Tourism Companies

As We Seek continuous excellence in the private healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia and to ensure that we provide all that is new and evolving in healthcare, we have activated medical tourism services with international hospitals and providing counseling to the community for (services, programs and prestigious places) with overseas partners internationally recognized the provision of those services. AlInma Medical Services Co. Ltd takes the lead in providing these programs in the Saudi market.

  • European Countries (UK, Germany, Spain, Czech, Bulgaria, and Romania).
  • South & North America (US, Canada, and Brazil).
  • Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Tunis, and Dubai).

Magrabi Center (Optical, Dental, and Ear, Nose & Throat)

Magrabi Group (centers & hospitals) was founded in the fifties of the last century as a hospital for the eyes in Jeddah, was the first specialized hospital in the Middle East and North Africa and today is one of the largest medical groups in the Middle East and Africa working in the field of ophthalmology and ear, nose, throat and teeth that provide services annually for many patients and conducting several successful surgeries.

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